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  • What are the next steps to enroll in these programs?
    Great, you’ve decided on some weekly selections! Registration is via a platform called Campium. Visit the Enrollment section of this site to access the registration link. Please review all policies in anticipation of enrollment.
  • To understand how the activity fees are applied, can I see a sample invoice for reference?
    Absolutely, see below:
  • Our family receives tuition aid. Are there similar pricing options for extended programs?
    Yes. Financial Aid is available for extended programs based on a family’s percentage of tuition aid. Please contact the Director of Affordability and Financial Aid:, for more information. Please reach out to Student Billing with questions about an invoice and applied aid:
  • If there is no school, are there any extended programs?
    No, when school is closed, no extended programs will be offered. As we enter winter months, and snow day dismissals are more likely, keep the following reminder in mind: if there is school, there is after school. We will only cancel after school programs if the School has an early dismissal for all.
  • Do students have the opportunity to take a break between leaving their homeroom and beginning after school programming?
    Yes, there will be time for a brief brain and stretch break. Students participating in afterschool programming will meet for attendance and then break off into their various activities. At that time, the workshop teachers and their group will have quick transition time to greet each other, enjoy a snack outside with fresh air, and then proceed to their programs.
  • We didn’t sign up for any extended programs but may need to occasionally drop in for Early Bird or After Owls. Is that possible?
    Absolutely. This is always an option, even day-of, and the pricing is indicated on the fee page. Early Bird participation does not require a sign up. For After Owls Drop Ins, here is the Drop In Sign Up form.
  • What if the adult doing pick up is running late?
    Living in a busy city, we all understand delays. If running late, please communicate your delays with us whenever possible. The best way to reach us during programs is by calling the front desk: 212-979-5030 Being on time for end-of-day pick up is of great importance. For unforeseen circumstances, we allow two instances of ten minute late grace periods. Beyond that, a $30 late fee will result. As an option, a student can "drop-in" to Extended Day to lengthen their stay until they are picked up. Drop-in rates are included in the fees page and you will be billed following the date of drop-in programming.
  • What should we do if there is a change in plans to our schedule (a new caregiver is picking up my child, for example)?
    Let us know! We check the email throughout the day and you can always call us or the front reception at (212) 979-5030 x 5065 Please note that it is also important to loop in your child’s homeroom teacher whenever there is a change to their dismissal plans.
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